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I'm an engineer by education and work as a technical director, so I'm naturally a researcher and like to think I'm pretty careful about anything I do.

I had a chance to buy an orphaned near new Savage 111 Hunter combo in 30-06 at an incredible price and did with the plan to improve it. A Timney trigger and a Zeiss scope were installed and the rifle was dialed in.

Next was finding the right hardwood stock to finish the package. So I spent a couple months reading a great deal of the on-line info., watched the videos, called several gun stock suppliers including Boyd's, saw these PC reviews, spoke to some close friends that are hunters and collectors and even got some input from a couple old timers at local gun shops. The outcome from that was Boyd's seems to be the worth looking into further. And I did.

From the first phone call to the last (and there were 5) I had good experiences and good customer service. The stock I ordered had a revised LOP, a optional Pachmayr pad and was laser engraved. I received it 15 days from the day of order and it was exactly as I ordered. The quality of the fit on the Savage is excellent. The finish is very good and the engraving is very high quality. From a value POV, I believe there isn't a better option to fit my needs and I'm extremely happy with the stock.

Reviewer is in happy mood. Please contact the author of this review to discuss "good customer service, excellent quality, fair pricing." of boyds gunstocks gunstock. Boyds Gunstocks needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Bloomingburg, New York, United States #1292401

Your rifle looks awesome, I just ordered the featherweight lefty thumb stock and I'm dying waiting for it and the glass bedding kit. I love everything about my Winchester XPR .30-06 except the stock, the stock is total garbage.


It's great when they get your order right with no problems, and that probably happens most of the time. When there's a problem on either side of the transaction, how they handle that is the true measure of the quality of their customer service. I've read enough reviews of that type (where there was a problem) to conclude that I will not be ordering anything from Boyds.



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