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This year I purchased two new gunstocks.1 for a remington 783 and the other for a savage axis.Both of these rifles came with plastics stocks.They could not of looked any worst.Both were replaced with Boyds wooden stocks.Both were excellent fits and made all the difference in the world.The stocks were beautiful and took two cheap guns and made they look custom.I was very pleased with boyds service and product. It doesn't take but very short time...
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  • Quality of product
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Received my thumb hole stock took about 5 minutes to find my small wood chisel and make a very very small adjustment to the inletting around the trigger guard. Only issue is the barrel channel on the left side is tight, not free floating, a touch with a barrel rasp should resolve that issue. Length of pull is right as ordered as the finish. Overall I would have to say they earned a 10 from me as to the product fit and finish and I...
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  • Excellent product
Boyds Gunstocks - Boyd's, 770 Remington 300 Win Mag Laminate Stock
I purchased a Boyd's stock for my Remington 770 and it was amazing the difference it made.My magazine now loads in and comes out with no more binding and the stock came with real sling swivels. It makes a cheap $289 gun look like a $700 gun. Every one who has seen it is amazed at the quality. I called their service department and asked them how long it would be before I could expect it and got first rate service. From the time I ordered it till...
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  • Awesome company
I ordered several stocks for my Remington shotguns and had to do some very slight filing to get a perfect fit, and I never changed out stocks before. The website was a bit tedious, but I ordered for several different models and all came as ordered. I would say make sure you know your model and which stocks they sell that are compatible, because they don't have everything. With some of my rifles I am thinking of talking to our local gunsmith...
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